Recreation And Community Integration

We strive to build self-esteem, confidence and physical development through recreation and physical activities. Recreation and socialization provide great physical and mental rehabilitation, not just for a person with a disability, but for anyone. As of April 2007, Roads To Independence offers therapeutic swimming, bowling, bingo, camping, cycling activities, fishing trips, ceramics class, wheelchair basketball team, wheelchair tennis, movie nights, and music/concert nights. Quilting, Water Rafting/Boating, Snow skiing, Camping, I-Fly, Parties, BBQ’s and so much more.

We also provide information and referral for other activities like horseback riding, rock wall climbing, snow skiing, and water skiing, etc. We strive to find a way for anyone to participate in recreational activities. Whether it be through assistive technology, community barrier removal, or even just peer support. All of which increase community integration for the current participants as well as the future participants.

Individual recreation and community integration services are also available. If there is an activity that you would like offered, please let our recreation coordinator know. We can also provide information on free fishing licenses to people with disabilities, and the loan of some recreation equipment. Space is limited for some activities so please see our calendar of events in our newsletter, on the web at or call us for more information.

We have various classes to help our consumers grow and integrate in the community as well as at home. Some of these classes are: Self-Esteem, Community Living, Living Well in the Community to name a few.
We also have a wonderful Volunteer Program that not only gives hands-on experience at our center but we also place our consumers in the community building stronger bonds with consumers and community partners.
We strive to find a way for anyone and everyone to participate whether it’s through assistive technology, community barrier removal, or through peer support!