Assistive Technology And Home Modification Services​

Talk about independent living… Our Independent Living Specialists do wonderful things in assisting individuals and families to assess and develop plans towards true independence. When a person meets with one of our staff, they help them identify barriers to their own independence. Goals are set and services are provided to help the individual accomplish those goal.
Independent Living Specialist can help with housing, finances, advocacy, applying for Social Security, help you get your birth certificate and identification. They can assist you in finding a job or identify volunteer opportunities. They can also help you find other resources that you may not know are available in the community.

Assistive Technology is a product that is designed to assist an individual with their everyday needs and activities. An Assistive Technology device is any item, piece of equipment or product system, used to increase, maintain ones capabilities. These items may be acquired commercially or off the shelf then modified or customized for each individual.

Assistive Technology devices include: power wheelchairs, walkers, talking computers, lifts for the home or vehicle, shower benches, or they may be home modifications like grab bars for your bathroom, widening doors, create cut out under your sinks, build ramps, etc. They are designed to assist an individual with their everyday activities.

There are literally thousands of assistive technology products, and it is a struggle to decide which one is the best for you or someone you know.

We provide:

1. An individual assessment to determine the best type of equipment for each individual with disabilities.

2. We then look to see if we have that item or product in our Loan Bank (see description of Loan Bank).

3. If we don’t have that equipment in our Loan Bank we would look to find funding through an individuals insurance, Critical Needs Housing funds, donations, grants, other loan programs, the Assistive Technology funds that we administer, Vocational Rehabilitation, Community Development funding, etc.

4. This usually requires or involves advocacy by you and us, waiting lists for funding, eligibility requirements, appeals, doctor’s statements, referrals, other assessments, several bid from various vendors, and training.

5. All of which we provide. Our goal is to work with people with disabilities to acquire Assistive Technology that is needed by individuals with disabilities to become or maintain ones independence.

Our staff has the expertise and the commitment to recommend the most current technological devices, equipment, and resources to accommodate a wide spectrum of disabilities. We also offer technical advice to businesses and community-based organizations so that they may become more accessible.

Roads To Independence’s Loan Bank Program

Roads To Independence’s Loan Bank Program consist of a wide range of Assistive Technology
Devices that are loaned to individuals on a temporary basis. The loan bank is made up with
equipment that has been donated to the Center or purchased through grants. There is no fee
assessed to barrow an item from the Loan Bank. Loan Bank items are loaned out for a three-
month period (items may be barrowed for a longer period of time on a case by case basis).
Items from the Loan Bank are often used by individuals as a temporary solution while they are
healing from surgery or while they are waiting to receive funding to purchase equipment that is
needed permanently, but occasionally we donate these items to the individual.

Roads To Independence also receives some consumable items such as disposable incontinence
products that may be available from time to time. Not all Assistive Technology Devices are
available all the time as inventory depends on donations received. Individuals can call at any
time to see what may be available. Roads To Independence is always happy to take any
donations for the Loan Bank. All donations are tax deductible.

Some Assistive Technology items that may be available are: Bedside Commodes,
Wheelchairs, Walkers, Canes, Crutches, Shower Seats and Benches, Toilet Risers, Bed Canes,
Sock Aids, Lift Chairs, Power Chairs, etc.

We also have other items available including: Adult briefs and chucks, C-Pap machines and
supplies, catheters and tube feeding supplies, etc.